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We assist in providing NDIS plan management services. Get access to both Non registered and Registered NDIS provider with Plan Managed Budget. Trusted with 5 star reviews.

5 Out Of 43 Reviews

Why Choose Us?

Local Expertise

We understand the unique needs of our community and are committed to providing tailored support.

Personalized Service

Our team works closely with you to ensure your NDIS plan meets your specific goals and requirements.

Comprehensive Support

From budgeting to provider payments, we handle all aspects of your NDIS plan management.

Our Services

Plan Management

Budget Management:

We help you manage your NDIS funds effectively.

Provider Payments:

Prompt and accurate payment of your service providers.

Financial Reporting:

Login portal with updates and reports on your plan's budget status.

Support and Guidance

Expert Advice:

We guide you on maximizing your NDIS plan.

Local Connections:

We connect you with trusted local service providers.

Ongoing Support:

Continuous support to ensure your plan adapts to your evolving needs.

Tailored Solutions

Flexible Services:

Options to adjust services as your needs change.


We empower you to make informed decisions about your support and services.

5 Out Of 43 Reviews


Plan management is a ‘financial intermediary’ support. This means that all plan managers are a connection between an NDIS participant, providers and the NDIA. Plan management is about having a third party to communicate with service providers and pay invoices on your behalf. At the minimum, a plan manager is expected to receive and pay invoices, either directly from providers, or passed on from a participant. This is done by claiming money from relevant budget categories on the NDIA portal.

At your planning meeting you can tell NDIS staff that you would like a plan manager to support you. 

The NDIS will include funding in your plan to pay for your plan manager. This is separate from your other services and supports in your budget.

If you are mid-plan and want to change, contact us on 1800 800 110 to discuss how you can include plan management in your plan.

Looking to make the switch to Pink Comfort? The NDIS is designed to give participants choice and control. This includes choosing your plan manager. No matter how far you are into your NDIS plan, you can switch plan managers whenever you like.

Plan management is covered by the NDIS and is available to all NDIS participants – you just need to ask for it during your planning meeting.

For the fastest payment times, providers can submit invoices directly through the Pink Comfort portal. Alternatively, invoices can be emailed to admin@pinkcomfort.com.au. Enquiries should go to info@pinkcomfort.com.au

The NDIS asks service providers to register with them because only registered providers can claim their invoices with the NDIS directly. But not all providers choose to do so and there are some great unregistered providers, which you only have access to if you self manage your funds or have a plan manager like us.

Danielle Lovric
Danielle Lovric
Great service
Helen Marletta
Helen Marletta
Prompt service
Gibson Samuel
Gibson Samuel
Its been a great pleasure working with Pink-comfort so far I must say, the experience has been good and enthusiastic...
yaxay gajjar
yaxay gajjar
Pink Comfort provides quality case management services by helping people understand and connecting them to resources in their communities in ways that respect their dignity and rights. Thanks
sanam shah
sanam shah
Pink comfort is the best NDIS provider I have worked with. I am enjoying my work with the best team and management. They have very good policy and procedures to look after every individual clients. They provide best quality of care and support to clients.
Hays Elhassan
Hays Elhassan
from the moment I called they were really helpful with what I need and kept me upto date with all the information I needed, very helpful and wonderful communication with there callers

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